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When using Bradford we want you to feel inspired with the amazing locations we have to offer THINK inner city backdrops for extraordinary movies THINK breath taking countryside and industrial landscapes for contemporary or period pieces. The locations within the Bradford district have been used since the invention of film, the natural geography automatically is filmic and all within easy reach.

The city centre itself is in a natural bowl surrounded by sweeping hills which are peppered with villages and towns. Thousands of listed buildings in the city centre are a lasting legacy of the textile industry. Unlike many other cities Bradford has not been over developed and you are still able to wonder the streets and find yourself in a bye gone era.

Here at The Bradford Film Office we have in depth knowledge and expertise in areas around Bradford to provide you with iconic locations and hidden gems that are available across the district.

If you would like to see some of the locations that Bradford has to offer, we have strong links at Creative England and we are adding to this all the time. Please visit the Creative England locations website to see the range of locations and crew that are available in the area.

For a range of locations around the Bradford District you can also view our – Bradford Locations Flickr